The Importance of Self-Assessment in Psychiatry

Illustration de l'auto-évaluation en psychiatrie Illustration of self-assessment in psychiatry

Self-assessment in psychiatry offers a transformative approach for both the patient and the doctor. Evaluating symptoms is crucial in medicine. In psychiatry, this assessment is occasionally clouded by the psychiatrist’s subjective perspective. This viewpoint can sometimes overshadow the true nature of the symptoms.

Self-assessment: The direct voice of the patient

Historically underestimated, especially among patients with psychotic disorders, self-assessment in psychiatry is now central to patient care. Who better than the patient to articulate their feelings and pains? Through this method, they play a more active role in their recovery, better identify their symptoms, and enhance their awareness of their condition.

Revolutionary Tools for Self-Assessment

Recognizing the growing significance of self-assessment, we introduce two key instruments: the self-assessment of negative symptoms (SNS) and the self-assessment of auditory verbal hallucinations (SAVH). They aim to boost the collaboration between the patient and doctor and refine the diagnostic process.