MIMO App for Hallucination Monitoring

MIMO: FORLABS' Revolutionary Tool for Hallucination Management

MIMO, developed in collaboration with FORLABS, consists of two interfaces: one for patients and another for doctors.

Patient Interface of MIMO

Patients access self-assessment through a mobile or tablet interface, using a code and password. Designed for use at any time, the MIMO app functions without needing an internet connection. However, once the mobile device is connected, the completed evaluation is automatically transferred to a computer server and made available to practitioners.

Doctor's Interface of MIMO

The doctor’s interface is a web interface that allows doctors to monitor patients via a computer and export data. Each patient’s answer generates a score from 0 to 5 for the SAVH.

Quick Evaluation

Patients can also report a hallucinatory crisis by clicking a button and answering only 4 questions. The evaluation can be completed in less than 1 minute for a hallucinatory crisis or in less than 10 minutes for the entire evaluation.

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