SNS explained

      To date, there are several tools measuring the intensity of negative symptoms, but the SNS is the only self-assessment covering all five dimensions of negative symptomatology.

      Self-evaluation empowers the patient and helps establish a better alliance with them. It allows patients to better identify and understand their symptoms, leading to a more active engagement in their care.

      In this context, the Self-evaluation of Negative Symptoms (SNS) was created. The goal was to develop a concise and easily understandable self-assessment scale for the target population. The uniqueness of the SNS lies in the design of its items. To closely capture the subjective experience of patients with negative symptoms, their verbatim was collected, which formed the basis for most of the SNS items.

The SNS consists of 20 items, with 4 items for each subscore, which are:
  • Alogia
  • Social withdrawal
  • Anhedonia
  • Decreased emotional experience
  • Avolition.
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